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eLearning Development

eLearning or computer-based training is rapidly replacing the traditional classroom or seminar because is delivers a more consistent experience and it costs far less. Full Frame Digital offers turn-key eLearning solutions for organizations of all sizes. There are several key components to successful eLearning initiatives. The foundation of the system is the learning management system (LMS). The LMS is a software platform that manages users, content and rules in one easy to use system.  It can easily scale from ten to tens of thousands of users on one properly configured server on a high-speed network. Full Frame Digital custom skins and configures each LMS installation to meet branding standards and the course logic that makes the most sense for your curriculum or training goals. Our systems are quite flexible in how they present information in terms of who can use it, the order it is presented and the requirements to move on. It also provides detail reporting on usage, analytics email notifications and completion status. Full Frame Digital content authoring is designed to function on all modern hardware and software platforms including MAC, PC and IOS mobile devices such as the iPad.